How to contribute

We welcome contributions to LivingDoc. This document lists the guidelines for contributing.

Proposing a change

Firstly, you should create an issue for your enhancement request in the concerned LivingDoc repository

New feature proposals should provide the following data:

  • Feature short title
  • Feature description
  • Motivation for the change (value, context, ...)
  • Criticality
  • Affected versions
  • If possible acceptance tests

Please note that, in order to keep LivingDoc clean and minimal, we consider all enhancement requests carefully.

Should your enhancement not be appropriate for LivingDoc, we may reject the pull request. We garantee to make the reason transparent.

Implementing a change

LivingDoc uses a "Fork & Pull" model for collaborative development. If you have changes that you would like us to consider for introduction to LivingDoc, you will need to:

  1. fork the concerned LivingDoc repository,
  2. commit and push your changes to your forked project, and
  3. send us a pull request referencing the URL of the issue that you created.

Development Rules

  • Don't break existing behaviour. Backward compatibility is extremely important.
  • Follow the style and conventions of the existing code (basically Sun's conventions). Use the provided code templates , PMD and checkstyle rules in the development folder
  • All code changes should have automated tests of some sort.
  • Never check a failing test into the repository. (Though you can check-in unimplemented acceptance test HTML for new feature ideas).


Please check that all tests are succeeding and neither errors nor warnings are thrown